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Road safety is a big issue worldwide; as the global population grows and becomes increasingly affluent the number of vehicles on the road also grows. Car manufacturers have worked tirelessly to develop new technologies that improve the safety of their vehicles and ultimately reduce the number of injuries and deaths caused by motor vehicle accidents. The safety enhancements in cars range from the high-tech such as electronically assisted braking, to low-tech such as the seatbelt (according to www.cdc.gov seat belts can reduce the risk of death by 45%).

The motor vehicle manufacturers have invested heavily in trying to make the passengers of their vehicles safe and it has had an impact. However there are still groups who are more vulnerable than others. Unfortunately, due to the inherent nature of vehicles, motorcycle riders and their passengers are more likely to suffer serious injuries or death than car drivers and their passengers when involved in an accident.

In 2010 there were a record of 6,872 road related deaths in Malaysia. Motorcycles form a large percentage of the vehicles on Malaysian roads and as such they are involved in a large number of the accidents that occur, many of these accidents are due to rider or driver error. People who drive carelessly or recklessly endanger not only themselves but also other road users and even pedestrians.

We want you to find a way to encourage motorist to be safer road users so that more people can make it home in one piece. Malaysian road users are infamous for their disregard to road rules and lack of compassion, understanding, and empathy to others. We would like you to design a way of helping motorists become safer road users.


Suitable designs would be:

  • Smartphone/tablet apps
  • Marketing and advertising campaigns
  • New technologies (or existing technologies with new applications)
  • Road network
  • Learning/testing process
  • Motor vehicle modifications
  • And many others

How to Enter

  1. Contestants must visit www.challenge.my/registration and complete the registration form. The contestant must complete all these steps during The Challenge period.  
  2. To enter a Submission, a Contestant must fill out the submission form on www.challenge.my, agree to the Official Rules and any other terms, conditions, or policies that apply to the Contestant’s use of The Challenge website, and must provide the following items: Name (First and Last) and email address. 
  3. Create a submission video that must be at least 2 minutes in length. The video should include:
  • Name of your idea
  • Name of team members
  • An explanation the problem/issue that you are trying to solve
  • An explanation of your idea/solution to the problem
  • What resources you would need to implement your idea (Cost, people, materials, infrastructire etc)
  • What are the potential obsacles that you will face in trying to implement your idea?
  • What would be the steps that you would need to take to implement your idea?
  • How do you think you can overcome these obstacles?
  • What are strengths of your idea
  • What are the weaknesses of your idea?
  • What do you think the potential impact of your idea could be? Both in the long term and in terms of reach. Please justify why you think this.
  • How will your idea improve road safety in Malaysia for the long term. Please justify why you think this.


Grand Prize Winner


Runners Up


Honorable Mention (8)



Mark Rozario

Mark Rozario

Chief Executive Officer Agensi Inovasi Malaysia, AIM

Miss Choy-Peng, Ng

Miss Choy-Peng, Ng

Senior Lecturer, Civil Engineering Department, Universiti Pertahanan Nasional Malaysia

Carol Wong

Carol Wong

Chief Inspiration Office, Genovasi



Managing Director / Chief Executive Officer, PLUS Malaysia Berhad (“PMB”) and Managing Director, PLUS Expressways International Berhad (“PEIB”), formerly known as PLUS Expressways Berhad.

Mats Nilsson

Mats Nilsson

Volvo Trucks Malaysia

Judging Criteria

Innovation & Quality
Feasibility & Implementation
Impact and Scale

Refer to Official Rules for complete descriptions of each criteria.